Official Team Tournament Guidelines 2018

Hello everyone!

As our 9th annual season-end Team Championships draws near (September 1st – 2nd), it is time for you to gather your buddies and form your teams to participate in this prestigious event!

Please note that this tournament is on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis. Teams are subject to cut-off if scheduling could not accommodates the number of teams entered.

You can register now [HERE]!! Deadline is August 19th.



Each team must have a minimum of 4 male and 2 female players; anything short of this threshold will result in forfeited matches.

You can form teams with anyone who has played 2 of the 5 tournaments during this 2017-2018 BV season, which includes:

  • 9.1 Master Smash Open,
  • 9.2 Omnismash Open,
  • 9.3 Wrath of the Waterfall Open (UBC x C1 Waterfall 2018),
  • 9.4 Smash Fighter Open,
  • 9.5 Baddi Royale Grand Prix.

This year, “Out of Town” players or “Students / Staff of Drive Badminton Centre” can also participate in the team tournament.

“Out of Town” is defined as an area not on this map [HERE]. “Out of Town” player is defined as a person that is not in town for 4 of the 5 tournaments. Please indicate in the registration where the “Out of Town” players are from and the reason they are out of town. Organizers will request for proofs when deemed necessary and reserve the right to decline.

Please confirm your local team member’s eligibility yourself by visiting the players lists of each of this season’s tournaments on Tournament Software¬†[HERE]¬†& [HERE].

With regards to participants who are affected by the removal of the VRC members exemption, please contact us (via, our facebook page, or directly with organizers) for further details.

Please allow your team to have extra members in case of injuries. The governing body will reserve the right to refuse any last minute substitutions.



    • Each tie consists of 5 matches (Mixed Doubles A, Mixed Doubles B, Women’s Doubles, Men’s Doubles A, Men’s Doubles B).
    • Each registered team member may play a maximum of 2 matches per tie, but cannot play in the same event twice (i.e. Cannot play 2 Mixed Doubles or 2 Men’s Doubles within the same tie)
    • Each registered team member must play at least two matches in each stage of the tournament (Round Robin & Playoffs); this will be subject to adjustment depending on the number of teams entered in the tournament.
    • In the event that team member(s) have not met the above restriction during each stage, the number of match(es) that will be automatically forfeited in the final tie of the stage will be equal to the amount of match(es) remaining that they are required to play.
    • During ROUND ROBIN, all teams must play all 5 matches for every tie. In the PLAYOFFS, once the outcome is decided, it is at the discretion of the winning team/governing body to play the final match(es).
    • In the case of teams finishing with identical results during Round Robin, the order will be decided based on the following rules below (in order) until a ranking can be determined:
      1. Head to head tie result (for 2-way ties)
      2. Matches won/lost from the ties between teams in question (if more than two teams finish equal)
      3. Sets won from the ties between teams in question (if more than two teams finish equal)
      4. Total matches won in all ties
      5. Total sets won in all matches
      6. Total point difference between teams in question
      7. Total point difference in all matches
      8. Lottery draw
    • Mixed/Men’s Doubles A must be stronger than Mixed/Men’s Doubles B.
    • The governing body will reserve the right to change or add any rules with proper notification.