Team Ranking System

A 16-entry invitation only (See: Eligible teams) team championship with multiple levels at the end of the season. At the end of this championship, the teams will be ranked by placing 1st to 16th.
See diagram for example. Each team will be guaranteed 3 team matches. Each team match consist of one Men’s Singles, Men’s Doubles, Mix Doubles A, Mix Doubles B, and Women’s Doubles, best of 3 sets – 21 rally point system. The winning team will be the team that takes 3 of 5 team matches.

Eligible Teams:

  • To qualify, each team must consist of at least 5 members (minimum 3 males and 2 females); all registered players must have participated in 2 of the season’s tournaments.
  • Each player will register under their team name when participating in tournaments to gain points and qualify for the said team. No team name, no team points. Team leaders are to make sure their team members write their team names when entering a tournament.
  • Individuals can switch teams at any time. Eligibility of participating in team championship will only be governed by the 2 rules above. However, team points will be affected by such move.
  • Team points are only earned for the team when the individuals register under the team name. Existing points from individuals who switched teams will not be counted towards both their new or old teams’ rankings. (eg. John played for Team Apple in SF Open and earned 1000 points. He switched to Team Orange in ML Open and earned 500 points. Currently, only the 500 points John earned for his latest team (Team Orange) will be counted towards that team’s ranking. The 1000 points John earned previously can not be used towards any team rankings anymore, not even Team Apple)
  • No inappropriate or offensive names, we reserve the right to ask for a name change.
  • We reserve the right to amend the rules when appropriate.


  • Teams will be seeded based on the total ranking points (team points) achieved by the top 5 individuals of each team. In the event the individual switch teams during the season, s/he must specify which team she belongs at the end of the season for their points to contribute.
  • Only ranking points of the individuals’ best ranked event will count towards your team points, eg. If you earned a total of 3000 pts in Men’s Singles, 2000 pts in Men’s Doubles and 300 pts in Mixed Doubles, only the 3000 pts from Men’s Singles ranking will be used to calculate your team points.
  • Only ranking points from the individual’s best age category will be counted towards you team points. If you earn a total of 3000 pts in Open Men’s Singles and 2000 pts in U-19 Men’s Singles, only the 3000 pts from Open Men’s Singles will be used to calculate your team points.
  • Only the top four tournament result will be counted towards the individuals’ ranking points, eg. If you earned 1000 pts in each of tourney #1 / #2 / #3 / #4 and 1200 pts in Grand Finale all in Open Men’s Singles, your total Open Men’s Singles will only be 4200, not 5200.
  • Ranking points will be valued differently with different age groups according to the table below;, eg. If you earned 3000 pts in U-19 Men’s Singles, 1000 pts in U19 Men’s Doubles and 800 pts in Open Men’s Doubles, you will only contribute 1000 pts (1/3 of 3000 pts) towards your team points.
Age Group Value
U19 1/3
Open 1
35+ 1/3
Category Value
Blue Shell 1
Red Shell 1/2
Green Shell 0
Mini Shell 1
  • Please note that even if there are no ranking points in Green Shell events, Green Shell participation still counts as Team Participation.
  • If you participated in the same event and in the same age category, but in different level (Shells), the points will be combined. (eg. You earned 1000 pts in Red Open MD in one tourney and 300 pts in Blue Open MD in another tourney, your total in “Open MD” will be 800 pts)


  • Each registered player on the team must play at least two matches throughout the championship draws.
  • Mix Doubles A must be the stronger team, this will be determined via rankings and common sense.
  • Once the outcome is decided, it is at the discretion of the governing body to play the final match.
  • The governing body will reserve the right to change or add any rules with proper notification.
  • Each team must have team uniforms for their team picture and final match. Team uniforms must have the same design and color for everyone.

Split Teams:

In the event you have 10 or more players in your team, there is an option to split into 2 teams. Each team will be treated as a separate individual team; each team will have to qualify for the team championship base on the member’s team ranking points. Teams are request to notify the governing body before the last individual tournament of the season (Grand Finale) of their intention. It is up to the team how they split the players.


The champion team’s name will be engraved on a large plaque that we keep. Each team will receive a mini plaque with their picture and placing in the tournament. Top 3 teams will be awarded medals as well as prizes.



  • What if my team only has 5 players and one of them cannot make the tournament or is injured in the course of the tournament?

Unfortunately, each team must have at least 5 players. Also, any player registered for the team championship must play at least two matches throughout the tournament. Teams will be required to forfeit matches as a result of missing players. We suggest that each team consist of 6 to 7 members to be safe.

  • What if I am the 17th ranked team?

Invitations will be given to the top 25 teams. Team 17th to 25th will be notified of their status and their acceptance will be based on non-acceptance from any top 16 teams.

  • Can I switch teams in the middle of the season?

Yes, as long as you played two tournaments for the team, you are eligible to play for that team. Remember to enter the team name on your entry form each time. No team name = no team points.

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