About Us

Badmintology Vancouver is formed by a group of enthusiastic badmintologists in the Spring of 2009. It is a concept of integrating badminton with innovative ideas while having a balanced dose of joy and intensity. Our goal is to bring out, reignite, and fulfill the general badminton public’s passion about badminton and their desires to compete. Through a variety of affordable tournaments of various skill levels, we hope to make badminton as fun and as interactive as you can imagine.


If you’ve never tasted the sweetness of a competition, we encourage you to discover and open this new chapter of your life.
If you’ve buried your birdies and racquets in your attic or cellar, we encourage you to rediscover the hidden desire for the sport you had love.
If you’ve lost your soul in the mountains of workload, we encourage you to come and unearth the energy, the “force”, which has been driving you to success.


Welcome to the new galaxy; Welcome to Badmintology.



Besides our own tournaments, we also welcome collaborations from student organizations or corporations on hosting their own tournaments. With our expertise, we are sure to provide your fellow members / employees a fun time to be remembered.

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