It is with deep disappointment that we wish to inform everyone that this year’s Badmintology Vancouver (“BV”) team tournament will not be held at the Vancouver Racquets Club (“VRC”) as previously advertised.

It is our understanding that the Board of Directors at VRC has reversed a decision for BV to host the team tournament at the club after BV have previously accepted the terms presented by VRC to host such event.

We are now in talks with other local badminton venues to host this tournament. We hope to inform you of the new location shortly.

As a result of this change, we regret to inform that any participants using the exemption rule available for current VRC members will no longer qualify for the team tournament. We will however look to create a new exemption at the benefit of the new venue.

For those that are affected by this change and are VRC members, we encourage you to speak to the Board of Directors at VRC and the General Manager of VRC to highlight the impact of this change. Your voice matters and it is important to express your opinions. We continue to hold out hope that we can still partner up with a high quality facility such as VRC but remain focus on providing a fantastic tournament experience with our other partners in the local community.

Stay tuned!

Badmintology Vancouver