Badmintology Legacy Team Championships 2018

Badmintology’s 9th Season has officially come to a close with the conclusion of our Legacy Team Championship 2018.

First of all, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to our tournament venue DRIVE BADMINTON CENTRE for lending us a vital helping hand during the venue emergency. No words can describe how grateful we are for your continuous support!

We would also like to thank all 15 participating teams for making this year’s tournament as thrilling as ever! It was well above our expected attendance and the excitement level was through the roof. Congratulations to all teams for fighting your hearts out to secure your place in history of the Badmintology Team Championship.


Here’s a look at this year’s result:

1 Team Sweet Spot
2 Badd-E
3 Beyond
4 Team Filth
5 Hidden Leaf Village
6 Lord Of The Strings
7 Dim Sum
8 Still Can’t Serve
9 Baddiholics
10 Smashing Things
11 Infinitiflame
12 Bubble Waffle
13 Awesome Possums
14 Sanrio Superstars
15 Nayeon Pool Party


We would like to recognize 3 returning teams –  Baddiholics, who have participated in all 9 years, Beyond, who have competed in 6 of the 9 years, and Bubble Waffle/Egg Waffles, who have joined us for 4 of 9 years. We hope to see more returning teams next season as we celebrate our 10TH ANNIVERSARY!


Last but not least, we would like to recognize the importance of the BV Family, whom enabled Badmintology to stay the course and keep going strong. BV would not be able to flourish without each one of your unconditional support throughout the season, and through all these years. Love you all!


As the teams settled in their own place(ments) after the Tournament of Power(ful) Smashes, players are in secret preparation of something that is already looming over the baddy universe —– SEASON 10!!!

Are your team of warriors ready for the next challenge? See you all soon =)



Badmintology Vancouver


This year, 15 teams have joined the Ultimate Battle to compete for glory and pride this weekend!

Let us introduce the teams in their respective groups:


Group Blue

Group Yellow

Group Green

Group Red
Team Sweet Spot Badd-E Team Filth Beyond
Smashing Things Baddiholics Lord Of The Strings Still Can’t Serve
Hidden Leaf Village Dim Sum Bubble Waffle Awesome Possums
Sanrio Superstars Nayeon Pool Party Infinitiflame


Matches will begin at 10am on Saturday September 1st and 9am on Sunday September 2nd.
The Final round is estimated to be on 1:30pm Sunday.

See you all in the weekend at Drive Badminton Centre!