Winter Wonderland Open Recap

Badmintology Vancouver #3 – Winter Wonderland Open

Once again, over 200 participants came out and joined us for the week, this time, it was BV#3 – Winter Wonderland Open at Moscrop Secondary. The tournament was a terrific success with some new faces to the podium this time.

The tournament started off with Team SBC of Jason Wong and Devon Louie dominated the BB U19 MD draws while the Rally Breaker twins Jamie and Karina Shum took the BB U19 WD. Coming full cycle, Jamie and Karina were also the last final in of the tournament in the BB U19 WS with Jamie coming out on top in 3 sets, stamping their dominance over the BB U19 women categories.

Friday also saw the 29All and BB Open Men Singles. Two time BB OMS finalist Jayson Shum was upset in the first round by eventual winner Jenkens Leung in three sets. As for 29 All, it was a showdown between champions as BV#1 MS winner Ken Fung took on BV#2 winner Vincent Teo. Each wearing their unique winner’s shirt from the previous tournaments, Ken would come out on top in two sets to collect BV#3’s winner shirt. After the match, Teo reflected ‘When I had no job, I won. Now I have a job, I lose.’ Hopefully, Vincent can put the two together and get his revenge at BV#4.

Saturday tested the stamina of Able Chua of SBC as he joined 29A U19 MS, BB U19 MxD, and BB Open MD all on the same day. He came out huge winning the MS and Mxd, while taking home the BB Open MD console medal with his coach David Dryden.

Open Women Singles saw the emergence of another Baddiholic singles player as Veronica Yeung survived two three setters in the earlier rounds and beat BV#1 WS champion, fellow teammate, and tournament organizer Rosalynn Chong in two sets. Rosalynn would make the final again later on in the tournament in WD with partner Joanne Chang. Their three set thriller against the number one seeded Elisha Liu and Carol Yun captured the audience imagination. This proves once again that the Baddiholics are one of the more dominant teams in Badmintology.

Battledore Family took home the BB Open MD once again, this time with Gordon Yong and Issac Lim at the helm. They would later play against each other in the BB Open mix finals with Issac and Kerri winning in three sets.

Alan Wilson proved that age is but a number as he teamed up with Waina Ho to defeat the number one seeding of Yves and Elisha Liu and bested twenty five other teams to go on to take home the 29A Open MXD title over Kevin So and Tiffany Cheong.

The crown jewel of the tournament was the 29All Open MD with 28 teams participating. The final was nothing short of spectacular as Ken Fung and Jensen Ly edged out Mike Nguyen and Henry Quan in an epic three set battle with the last set being 28-26.

Overall, BDHL continues to lead in the standings with final appearances by Veronica Yeung, Rosalynn Chong, and Kevin So. Beyond kept their 2nd ranking with strong performances by Mike Nguyen, Henry Quan, and Malisa Leung, while FoH rounds out the top 3. Battledore Family and SBC are climbing up the rankings fast thanks to performances by Issac Lim and Able Chua respectively.

BV#4 is tentatively scheduled at the end of January. This will be the last chance to form or join a team as each player must play two tournaments for the same team to be allowed to play in the year end team championship. Still unsure what this team championship is about? Think high school provincials with you choosing your teammates. The top 16 qualified teams will duke it out in the team championship where 1st to 16th place will be determined.

Form now before it is too late!