Winter Wonderland Open Results

We countered the rainy and cold winter with the exciting and hot Winter Wonderland Open 2009 this past weekend on Nov20th – Nov22nd. The 3rd Badmintology Vancouver tournament has yet another successful turnout!


Thank you to all of you who participated and/or came to watch the intense action the past couple of days. Those who stayed with us through the long day on Saturday were rewarded with 2 wonderful Doubles Finals!


We also like to give a big big thank you to all the volunteers who are the essential part of the success of this tournament. Hope to see you all in January!

(Last Updated: November 23rd, 11:20am)

Congratulations to the winners:

Twenty-nine ALL:

Category Winner Runner-up Consolation Winner
29-All U19 MS Abel Chua Jacky Li Jason Wong
29-All U19 MX Trevor Yu
Florina Lau
Raymond Quan
Crystal Duong
29-All Open MS Ken Fung Vincent Teo Jeff Banh
29-All Open WS Veronica Yeung Rosalynn Chong Jacinda Yeung
29-All Open MD Ken Fung
Jensen Ly
Mike Nguyen
Henry Quan
Linus Choo
Jason Hong
29-All Open WD Elisha Liu
Carol Yun
Joanne Chang
Rosalynn Chong
Carmen Li
Veronica Yeung
29-All Open MX Alan Wilson
Waina Ho
Kevin So
Tiffany Cheong
Yves Liu
Elisha Liu
29-All 35+ MS Raymond Tsoi Alan Wilson


Category Winner Runner-up Consolation Winner
U19 MS
Peter Tran Samson Hoy Ringo Tang
U19 WS
Karina Shum Jamie Shum Cindy Nguyen
U19 MD
Devon Louie
Jason Wong
Samson Hoy
Peter Tran
Jeff Chiang
James Ho
U19 WD
Jamie Shum
Karina Shum
Julia Chiang
Lucy Lin
Jodie Shum
Elaine Xu
U19 MX
Abel Chua
Linna Huynh
Jason Wong
Stephanie Yoon
Anson Kung
Karen Ng
Open MS
Jenkens Leung James Chow Eddie Lai
Open MD
Issac Lim
Gordon Yong
Eddie Lai
Samuel Ko
Abel Chua
David Dryden
Open WD
Hilda Fu
Cathy Law
Waina Ho
Kristal Li
Crystal Duong
Amanda Jang
Open MX
Issac Lim
Kerri Mak
Gordon Yong
Carol Yun
Curtis Lew
Nina Kao

Tourney results are out! Feel free to check out the scores of any match by downloading the file below:

29-All results for all events
Baddiboomer results for all events

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