Rings of Celebration Results

Vancouver 2010 is around the corner and the badminton community celebrated this great event by gathering at the Rings of Celebration Open 2010. The 4th Badmintology Vancouver tournament, held this past weekend on Jan 29th – Jan 31st, has yet another successful turnout!


Thank you to all of you who participated and/or came to watch the intense action the past days. Those who stayed with us through to the end were rewarded with a wonderful Doubles Final! (Although I was alone looking after the draw desk and wasn’t able to watch the game )= )


We also like to give a big big thank you to our wonderful draw desk girls and the FHS volunteer team who are the essential part of the success of this tournament. Hope to see you all in our FINALE!


*** Tournament PHOTOS are up on our facebook group. ***


Draws for results can be found here:
29-All results for all events
Baddiboomer results for all events



Congratulations to the winners:

Twenty-nine ALL:

Category Winner Runner-up Consolation Winner
29-All U19 MS James Ho Calvin Che Richard Wong
29-All U19 MD Jacky Li
Patrick Ye
Ted Cheng
Paul Wu
29-All Open MS Arak Bhokanandh Vincent Teo Stevie Fung
29-All Open WS Emily Cheng Veronica Yeung Vivian Jian
29-All Open MD Sam Wadsworth
Bryan Yee
Ken Fung
Jensen Ly
Pedro Lau
William Lee
29-All Open WD Daisy Lee

Malisa Leung

Emily Cheng

Ivy Wang

Jade Chan
Veronica Yeung
29-All Open MX Mike Nguyen
Malisa Leung
Willis Kwee

Leah Rihela

Jensen Ly

Veronica Yeung

29-All 35+ MS Alan Wilson Raymond Tsoi
29-All 45+ MD Finnigan Cheng

Crispin Horng

Kevin Wu

James Chiang


Category Winner Runner-up Consolation Winner
U19 MS
Herman Ho David Khuong Jeff Chiang
U19 WS
Jamie Shum Marissa Chai Jodie Shum
U19 MD
Calvin Chan
Wayne Kwok
Chun Kei Luk
Ringo Tang
James Ho
Calvin Che
U19 WD
Jamie Shum
Karina Shum
Cindy Nguyen

Jenny Ou

Stefanie Chan
Debra Lee
U19 MX
Jeff Chiang
Jenny Ou
Herman Ho
Chelsea Yang
James Ho
Jenna Wong
Open MS
Hogen Wang David Wong Louis Zhen
Open WS
Chanel Shum Connie Chan Erica Kang
Open MD
James Chow

Terrence Leung

Abel Chua

Jacky Li

Bernard Tung
Alan Chang
Open WD
Florence Dompas

Denise Tang

Waina Ho
Kristal Li
Wendy Huang

Hermes Lam

Open MX
Terrence Leung

Jessica Lee

David Dryden
Michelle Simard
Abel Chua
Lisa Doan

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