Midsummer Legacy Open Recap

Following from the strong showing of BV1, BV2 – Mid-summer Legacy Open continued with another amazing turnout. The tournament was held at McNeil Secondary where temperamental lighting was the story of the tournament. With sudden blackouts on Friday and Saturday night, badminton has never been so exciting.

Fuelled by the hot pink BV champion shirt and our very own BV water bottle, participants battled on for individual and team glory. In the 29-All Open category, Elisha Liu’s double crown of Singles and Doubles reign supreme while Byran Yee’s ‘triple’ – 1st in Doubles, 2nd in Mix, 3rd/4th in singles kept MBA up in the team rankings. After taking out each of their opponents in 3-setters, Arak Bhokanandh and Vivian Yan’s efforts paid off, claiming the Mixed Doubles championship win from an amazing comeback trailing 17-20 in the third set.

The Baddiboomers came out in force, most notably in the Open Mix Doubles where we saw an exciting ending as Terrence Leung and Waina Ho won over Billy Yu and Chanel Shum in a thrilling three sets that lasted til almost midnight! Jayson Shum came close to the prize in single once again but was no match for the older and wiser Dennis Teo. In U19 BB WS, Celia Hu of SBC triumphed with matches over identical twins Karina and Jamie Shum.

Stiff competition in the the U19s kept Chris Lee from double crowning again as Arthur Chiu and Waina Ho took the mix title while Jason Wong and Tommy Ng took the doubles. Jessica Kwok was also denied her triple crown as Vanessa Cheng took singles and doubles (w/ Nina Gao) away.

We welcome new teams Krackers, Flick’D and Slackers United to the mix as Team Very Rec continue to collect players like game pieces. Battledore Family represented with 6 family members. FoH showed up in style with their team jerseys and Baddiholics overlooked the gym taking over the top bleachers.

We even had an international entry and an overseas entry as Dale Kim from Washington came out to play once again, and Vivian Yan of Victoria came and conquered open mixed. Time to call it Badmintology North America? Maybe a little too soon. =P

We hope everyone had fun during the tournament. The next one will be in November. Till then, keep playing!

— BV

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