Midsummer Legacy Latest Results

Midsummer Legacy Open 2009, the 2nd Badmintology Vancouver tournament, has a very successful turnout on the weekend of Aug7th – Aug9th.

Thank you to all of you who participated or came to watch the intense action the past couple of days.
We also like to give a big big thank you to all the volunteers who are the essential part of the success of this tournament. Hope you see you all in November!

(Last Updated: August 10th, 9:49pm)
Full Results and Scores can now be downloaded here:

29-All Results and scores

Baddiboomers Results and scores

Congratulations to the winners:

Sunday August 9th:

Category Winner Runner-up Consolation Winner
29-All Open MD Sam Wadsworth
Bryan Yee
Mickey Chow
Yasuyuki Fujii
Billy Yu
Stanley Cheung
29-All Open WD Elisha Liu
Bowie Tam
Rosalynn Chong
Winnie Ng
Emily Cheng
Jennifer Chui
Open MD
Jacky Wong
Justin Chiu
Hogen Wang
Jason Poon
Titus AuYang
Shurman Chan
Open WD
Carman Chan
Kristal Li
Cynthia To
Veronica Lo
Elaine Xu
Pauline Kong

Saturday, August 8th:

Category Winner Runner-up Consolation Winner
29-All U19 MS Jason Chou Jason Wong Maitreya Panse
29-All U19 WS Vanessa Cheng Christie Choy Joyce Kwok
29-All U19 MD Jason Wong
Tommy Ng
Eric Chiu
Chris Lee
Huron Cheng
Jason Ong
29-All U19 WD Nina Gao
Vanessa Cheng
Carmen Ho
Chanel Shum
Kelly Wang
Windy Leung
29-All Open MX Arak Bhokanandh
Vivian Yan
Bryan Yee
Bowie Tam
Kylvin Ho
Winnie Ng
29-All 35+ MS T K Lam Raymond Tsoi
29-All 35+ MD Raymond Tsoi
Jeremy Leung
David Low
T K Lam
U19 MS
Denny Wan Kevin Chau Eric Wang
U19 WS
Celia Hu Jamie Shum Isabelle Tang
U19 MD
Eric Wang
James Ho
ChunKei Luk
Ringo Tang
U19 WD
Emily Tang
Isabelle Tang
Celia Hu
Cindy Nguyen
Open MX
Terrence Leung
Waina Ho
Billy Yu
Chanel Shum
Zonghe Chua
Kristal Li

Friday, August 7th:

Category Winner Runner-up Consolation Winner
29-All U19 MX Arthur Chui
Waina Ho
Chris Lee
Jessica Kwok
Matthew Lo
Fiona Yip
29-All Open MS Vincent Teo Arak Bhokanandh Paul Achtymichuk
29-All Open WS Elisha Liu Karen Lau Emily Cheng
U19 MX
Henry Liang
Jamie Shum
Andrew Li
Emily Tang
Ringo Tang
SzeKei Luk
Open MS
Dennis Teo Jayson Shum Louis Zhen
Open WS
Lydia Liao Vivian Cheung

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