Badmintology Legacy Reborn Team Championship 2022 presented by GOSEN

Season 11 of Badmintology has officially come to a close with the conclusion of our Legacy Reborn Team Championship 2022 presented by GOSEN.


First of all, we would like to thank all 16 participating teams for making this year the first time in 10 years that we have a full team championship! All teams were well above the minimum required size of 6 players and it translated into spirited team cheers and supports that filled the centre all weekend long. The playing field is yet again getting younger and better after a 3-year hiatus; and with continued support from out of country teams and even participation from international players, it is great for our badminton community. Congratulations to all teams for fighting your hearts out to secure your place in the history of the Badmintology Team Championship.


Here’s a look at this year’s result:

2 Richmond Baddies
3 Nets. Flicks. & Kills
4 Pandamic
5 Badminton Vancouver
6 Baddiholics
8 Averagers Assemble
9 Chillminton
10 Team Barbies
11 Bye Bye Badminton
12 The Suicide Squad
13 Get Shrekt
14 X Shuttler
15 Top 16
16 Peekaboom


We would like to thank our tournament partner GOSEN Canada for collaborating with Badmintology and sponsoring this team championship! Every team got to take some GOSEN OVERGRIP home as souvenirs! GOSEN also provided us with some amazing draw prizes: while 5 packs of GOSEN G-Tone 5 strings were drawn for the attendees of the Tournament Banquet, all registered players will be eligible for the draw of 5 more packs of GOSEN G-Tone 5 strings, along with the GRAND PRIZE of a GOSEN INFERNO AIR racquet that is worth $270!!! Please stay tuned for further announcement on the date of the draw that will be held LIVE on our Facebook Page.

We would also like to thank our tournament venue DRIVE BADMINTON CENTRE for accommodating BV once again with your wonderful courts and services. We have always been extremely grateful for your continuous support!

We would also like to thank GRUB GOURMET for accommodating our request and provided us with top notch food at our annual banquet. THANK YOU to everyone who came and celebrate our 11th Season (13th anniversary) with our traditional cake cutting and group photo. It is always a special time to have the company of our fellow badminton players.


Last but not least, we would once again like to recognize the importance of our BV Crew Family, whom enabled Badmintology to set sail once again in 2022. BV would not be able to flourish without each one of your unconditional support through all these years. Love you all!


Have a wonderful holiday season and see you all in 2023!


Badmintology Vancouver


Badmintology Legacy Reborn Team Championship 2022 presented by GOSEN

This year, more than 16 teams have signed up to compete for glory and pride this weekend!
It is unfortunate that a couple teams could not make the cut. We hope to see you next time!

Let us introduce the 16 teams that made it in their respective groups:


Pool A (Green)

Pool B (Red)

Pool C (Blue)

Pool D (Yellow)
THEM Richmond Baddies Badminton Vancouver Pandamic
Averagers Assemble The Suicide Squad Nets. Flicks. And Kills. Baddiholics
Chillminton YAMS Team Barbies Top 16
X Shuttler Get Shrekt Bye Bye Birdie Peekaboom


Matches will begin at 10am on both Saturday December 10th and Sunday December 11th.

See you all in the weekend at Drive Badminton Centre!