Official Team Tournament Guidelines 2022 presented by GOSEN

Hello everyone!

The 11th annual season-end Badmintology Team Championships presented by GOSEN is finally back after a 3-year wait, and it is time to gather your friends and form your teams to participate in this prestigious event!

Please note that this tournament is on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis. Teams are subject to cut-off if scheduling could not accommodates the number of teams entered (maximum 16).

REGISTRATION LINK is [HERE]!! Deadline is November 27th.


Badmintology is excited to be collaborating with GOSEN Canada for this upcoming team tournament! GOSEN will be sponsoring us with Free Gifts for each team, as well as Draw Prizes during the tournament! Check out their Black Friday Sale too [Here].



Each team must have a minimum of 4 male and 2 female players on its roster; anything short of this threshold will result in forfeited matches.

Because of the extraordinary circumstances throughout Season 11, you can form teams with anyone for this team championship!

Please allow your team to have extra members in case of injuries. The governing body will reserve the right to refuse any last minute substitutions.



    • Each tie consists of 5 matches (Mixed Doubles A, Mixed Doubles B, Women’s Doubles, Men’s Doubles A, Men’s Doubles B).
    • Each registered team member may play a maximum of 2 matches per tie, but cannot play in the same event twice (i.e. Cannot play 2 Mixed Doubles or 2 Men’s Doubles within the same tie)
    • Each registered team member must play at least two matches in the Playoffs stage of the tournament (likely on Sunday); this will be subject to adjustment depending on the number of teams entered in the tournament.
    • In the event that team member(s) have not met the above restriction during the Playoffs, the number of match(es) that will be automatically forfeited in the final tie will be equal to the amount of match(es) remaining that they are required to play.
    • During ROUND ROBIN, all teams must play all 5 matches for every tie. In the PLAYOFFS, once the outcome is decided, it is at the discretion of the winning team/governing body to play the final match(es). Matches not played in the Playoffs but are in the submitted lineup will still count towards the “minimum 2 matches in Playoffs stage” rule.
    • In the case of teams finishing with identical results during Round Robin, the order will be decided based on the following rules below (in order) until a ranking can be determined:
      1. Head to head tie result (for 2-way ties)
      2. Matches won/lost from the ties between teams in question (if more than two teams finish equal)
      3. Sets won from the ties between teams in question (if more than two teams finish equal)
      4. Total matches won in all ties
      5. Total sets won in all matches
      6. Total point difference between teams in question
      7. Total point difference in all matches
      8. Lottery draw
    • Mixed/Men’s Doubles A “DOES NOT” need to be stronger than Mixed/Men’s Doubles B (more flexibility on line-up planning).
    • The governing body will reserve the right to change or add any rules with proper notification.



Deadline: November 27, 2022

Approx. 6 ties per team, which consists of a combination of Round Robin and Playoffs (actual format will be determined in accordance with the total number of teams entered)

Following tradition, EVERY team will be presented with a plaque that can be decorated with your team photo at the conclusion of the tournament. The top 3 teams will receive additional medals, and are entitled to bragging rights! (Additional plaques can be ordered after the tournament)
As announced above, there will be additional gifts and draw prizes sponsored by GOSEN this year!

Dinner Banquet:
We plan to have our traditional dinner gathering on Saturday night as we celebrate the return of the team tournament and the conclusion of our prolonged 11th season with our traditional season-end cake and more. Captains will be notified details soon.