Badmintology Ultimate Legacy Team Championship 2019

10 Years of Badmintology has officially come to a close with the conclusion of our Ultimate Legacy Team Championship 2019.


First of all, we would like to thank all 14 participating teams for making this year’s tournament as thrilling as ever! Most teams were well above the minimum required size of 6 players and it translated into spirited team cheers and supports that filled the centre all weekend long. The playing field is getting younger and better and it is great for our badminton community. Congratulations to all teams for fighting your hearts out to secure your place in the history of the Badmintology Team Championship.


Here’s a look at this year’s result:

1 Super Smash Brothers
2 Baddie Daddies
3 Wolfpack
4 Good X Crew
5 Nacho Average Squad
6 Beyond Basics
7 Baddiholics
8 Averagers Assemble
9 Netflicks
10 bokbok
11 Hero Association
12 小籠寶貝 XLBB
13 McFridays
14 Cereal Killers


We would also like to thank our tournament venue DRIVE BADMINTON CENTRE for accommodating BV once again with your wonderful courts and service. We have always been extremely grateful for your continuous support! We would like to thank the chef and staff at GRUB GOURMET who provided us with top notch food and services at our annual banquet. THANK YOU to everyone who came and celebrate our 10th anniversary with our traditional coin toss prize game and big group photo. It is always special to see so many badminton players gathered together.


Last but not least, we would once again like to recognize the importance of our BV Crew Family, whom enabled Badmintology to stay the course and keep the ship sailing. BV would not be able to flourish without each one of your unconditional support throughout the season, and through all these years. Love you all CJJJK!!! The 4 founders shall be proud.


As the teams settled in their own place(ments) after the Ultimate (Legacy) Battle, players are once again spread across the baddy universe in secret preparation of something that is already looming over them —– THE RETURN OF ZENO KING.

Are your team of warriors ready for the next challenge? Stay tuned on Badmintology 2.0 =)



Badmintology Vancouver


This year, 14 teams have joined the Ultimate Battle to compete for glory and pride this weekend!

Let us introduce the teams in their respective groups:


Pool A (Green)

Pool B (Red)

Pool C (Blue)

Pool D (Yellow)
Baddie Daddies Wolfpack Averagers Assemble Baddiholics
Nacho Average Squad Beyond Basics 小籠寶貝 (XLBB) Good X Crew
McFridays Netflicks Super Smash Brothers Hero Association
Cereal Killers bokbok


Matches will begin at 9am on Saturday September 14th and 9am on Sunday September 15th.
The Final round is estimated to be on 1:30pm Sunday.

See you all in the weekend at Drive Badminton Centre!