Smash Fantastic Tee Preview!

Hey everyone!

Just want to detail some of the activities we are looking to push forward in the next little while. Please come and join us if you can! =)

1.Create a BV – myJPScion tournament T-shirt
We want YOU to help us create the shirt design for our third tournament in November. You can pick the design, the color of the t-shirt, and the print color of the t-shirt. The only criteria? We ask that you integrate the myJPScion logo into the design and that the name of the tournament to have W__ W__ Open in it.  (If we don’t have a name). Submit your drawings now and we will announce the winner in October!

2. Stencil your racket
Here is your chance to stencil a colorful design on your racket and win $5 off the next tournament, and a chance to win your own custom designed t-shirt of anything you want (Design your own shirt, create a new team shirt, whatever you like!). For every racket we stencil, you get to enter a draw for the $5 coupon to our tournament and the November draw of our custom T shirt contest.

PS. If you have no already done so, join our Facebook Group – Badmintology Vancouver for more details!


****Also, the design for the tournament Tshirt is here! The winner this time will receive a Black Tee with Orange print while everyone will receive a bright Orange Tee with Aqua print!


If you’re not playing the tourney and would like to purchase a shirt, you can preorder one for $12 or buy one at the tourney for $15.
Please email us for any Tshirt preorders.

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