Smash Fantastic Open Result

After a weekend of sweat and hardwork at Smash Fantastic Open 2010, a total of 100 individuals went home with trophies/medals! Congratulations to all winners, runner-ups and consolation winners, and we hope all participants had lots of smashtastic fun at the tourney.


Special thanks to our newly formed volunteer crew who all picked things up so fast and took care of the draw desk perfectly. Also, a big thanks goes to our sponsor MyJPScion for all the draw-prizes! Congratulations to Brianna Tang on winning the $50 Cactus Club certificate by correctly guessing the number of balloons in the car (there were 93 of them in total)! We will continue to host JPScion draws and events at our tournaments, stay tuned! Till then, enjoy this awesome summer weather.


See you all at the next tournament in the end of September!


Draws for results can be found here:
Blue Shell results for all events
Red Shell results for all events

Green Shell results for all events



Congratulations to the winners:

Blue Shell:

Category Winner Runner-up Consolation Winner
BS U19 MS James (97) Ho Andrew Li
BS U19 WS Terranda Yeung Laura Tacon
BS U19 WD Jamie Shum

Karina Shum

Angie Hui

Brianna Tang

BS Open MS Brad Davis Willis Kwee Billy Yu
BS Open WS Terranda Yeung Malisa Leung
BS Open MD Brad Davis

Tyler Hislop

Willis Kwee

Simon Wu

Kylvin Ho

Kyleon Ho

BS Open WD Bowie Tam

Veronica Yeung

Elisha Liu

Zarah Cheng

Malisa Leung

Carol Yun

BS Open MX Mickey Chow

Veronica Yeung

Mike Nguyen
Malisa Leung
Tonny Lam

Denise Tang

BS 35+ MS Alan Wilson Jack Tan
BS 35+ MD Steven Hsaio

Crispin Horng

Danny Wong

Jack Tan

Red Shell:

Category Winner Runner-up Consolation Winner
RS U19 MS Peter Huang Chun Kei Luk Ringo Tang
RS U19 MD Calvin Tu

Jackson Chung

James (92) Ho

Jeffrey Chen

Julian Wong

Ringo Tang

RS U19 MX Abel Chua

Stef Chen

James (92) Ho

Aneka Lu

Ringo Tang

Jodie Shum

RS Open MS Bernard Cheung Henry Liang Jayson Shum
RS Open WS Cherie Ho Jacinda Yeung Connie Chan
RS Open MD Stanley Cheung

Bernard Cheung

Oman Yip

Marco Ng

Justin Chiu

Jacky Wong

RS Open WD Terranda Yeung

Jacinda Yeung

Wingar Tsang

Cherie Ho

Jamie Shum

Karina Shum

RS Open MX Hogen Wang

Wingar Tsang

Oman Yip

Bonnie Tang

Curtis Lew

Cherie Ho

Green Shell:

Category Winner Runner-up Consolation Winner
RS Open MS Jeffrey Chen David Kwok Stanley Lee
RS Open WS Colleen Xie Nancy Ho
RS Open MD Stanley Lee

Kai Man Chak

Bryan Ng

Steven Chen

David Kwok

Thomas Chan

RS Open WD Colleen Xie

Tiffany Tsai

Lucinda Wu

Vanessa Cheng

RS Open MX Stanley Lee

Elisa Mong

Collin Yan

Angel Lee

Chris Chan

Lucinda Wu

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