Summer Fiesta Latest Results


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Saturday, 06 June 2009 01:28
SUMMER FIESTA OPEN has successfully concluded! A big thank you to everyone who participated in the tourney, volunteered for us, or simply showed up to support Badmintology; we hope you all had fun and enjoyed this great weekend of competition. Our second tournament is scheduled in late August, and we hope to see you all again there! Congratulations to all winners:Sunday, June 7th:

Category Winner Runner-up Consolation Winner
29-All U19 MS Andrew Li Felix Lai Jeff Tang
290All U19 WS Jessica Kwok Florina Lau
29-All Open MD Sam Wadsworth
Bryan Yee
Mickey Chow
Yasuyuki Fujii
Hansen Ng
Ryan To
29-All Open WD Elisha Liu
Bowie Tam
Rosalynn Chong
Daisy Lee
Bonnie Mak
Karen Tse
Baddiboomers Open MD James Chow
Terrence Leung
Wilson Chu
Tim Chan
David Dryden
Jason Poon
Baddiboomers Open WD Connie Chan
Waina Ho
Hilda Fu
Cathy Law
Kristal Li
Melissa Shui

Saturday, June 6th:

Category Winner Runner-up Consolation Winner
29-All U16 WD Angie Hui
Brianna Tang
Christie Choy
Cherie Ho
29-All U19 MD Eric Chiu
Chris Lee
Felix Lai
Tom Niu
Abel Chua
James Ho
29-All U19 WD Jessica Kwok
Joyce Kwok
Genevieve Chan
Carmen Ho
Celia Hu
Jenny Hu
29-All U19 MX Chris Lee
Jessica Kwok
Arthur Chui
Cherie Ho
Eric Chiu
Joyce Kwok
29-All Open MS Ken Fung Chris Lee Abhi Bagai
29-All Open WS Rosalynn Chong Emily Cheng Grace Whang
29-All 35+ MS Raymond Tsoi T K Lam
29-All 35+ MD Raymond Tsoi
Jeremy Leung
Pius Chan
Patrick Kwan
Baddiboomers U19 MX Abel Chua
Celia Hu
James Ho
Jenny Hu
Paul Liu
Lisa Hsu
Baddiboomers Open MS David Dryden Jayson Shum James Chen

Friday, June 5th:

Category Winner Runner-up Consolation Winner
29-All U16 MS Marco Au Tommy Li Jeremy Chan
29-All U16 WS Christie Choy Cherie Ho
29-All Open MX Bryan Yee
Bowie Tam
Hugh Leung
Tiffany Cheong
Steven Hsu
Jade Chan
Baddiboomers Open MX Gordon Yung
Carol Yun
Terrence Leung
Waina Ho
James Chow
Elaine Xu

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