Badmintology 8.5 – Baddi Royale Charge Open 2017

Badmintology 8.5 – Baddi Royale Charge Open 2017

The biggest tournament of the Season hosted by Badmintology Vancouver. Come join us for a fun weekend on July 7th-July 9th, 2017 as we continue Season 8 in stunning fashion with an ABCD/ACD flight format tournament. It is also the last chance to make yourself eligible for Team Championship if you have already played once this season!
Space may be limited for this tournament and acceptance will be on first come first serve basis, so please sign up as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE regarding our season-end team tournament! This year, we will continue with our original format of minimum of 3 males and 2 females per team. Teams will play 5 team matches: Unisex Singles, Mens Doubles, Women Doubles, Mix Doubles 1, Mix Doubles 2. In order to qualify for the team tournament, each participant must play at least 2 individual BV tournaments in Season 8 (exception applies to 2017-2018 VRC Badminton members, as well as out of towners, subject to BV’s approval). Hope to see you all at the Team Champ on August 11-13th!

DATE: July 7th – 9th, 2017

LOCATION: Drive Badminton Centre

ENTRY FEE: $43 (1 event) / $57 (2 events) / $65 (3 events)

DEADLINE: June 25th. Unpaid entry is subject to rejection. Uninformed withdrawal is prohibited.

EVENTS: Singles / Doubles / Mixed Doubles (you can only play 1 singles, 1 doubles and 1 mix)

CATEGORY: Open Blue Shell / Open Red Shell / Open Green Shell
(Different Shells are explained here:
(Blue Shell – Feather birdies, Red Shell & Green Shell – Plastic birdies)

FORMAT: ACD Flight (for draw size of less than 16 entries; minimum 2 matches), ABCD Flight (for draw size of 16 and up; minimum 3 matches)

REWARDS: Collectible Dri-Fit Tee (free for participants playing in 2 OR MORE EVENTS); Trophies, Medals, and Prizes

FRIDAY night: Singles (most likely except Green Shell Men)
SATURDAY: Green Shell Men’s Singles (most likely), follow by Womens Doubles, and Mens Doubles
SUNDAY: All Mixed Doubles


Tournament Registration HERE



Friday July 7
18:45 Blue MS
18:45 Green WS
19:15 Red MS

Saturday July 8
8:45 Green MS
8:45 Red WD
8:45 Green WD
9:15 Blue WD
11:00 Red MD
11:40 Green MD
12:30 Blue MD

Sunday July 9
9:45 Green MX
9:45 Blue MX
10:15 Red MX

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