THE BIRDIE!!! What Does the Birdie / Shuttlecock Say??

This has been the year of viral songs!
Let BV presents you 2013’s BADDY Song of the Year: THE BIRDIE!

Hope to see you all @ BV’s SMASH WAR V-II: THE BIRDIE STRIKES BACK OPEN on December 6-8, 2013, to be held at Badminton Vancouver, Mitchell Island.




THE BIRDIE – puppet@badmintology

Lyrics: Wilson
OT: The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)


There are Jays

There are Hawks

There are birds

Called shuttlecocks


They can fly

Lightning fast

300 miles with every blast


Just like Chong Wei

Versus Lin Dan

Body diving side to side


Who has the edge?

Who has the smash?

Who’s Gold in Beijing?


We call him the Super Dan

He’s born a king among the men

And an idol to his baddy fans

Gold in Beijing!


LeeYongDae the Golden Boy

Can smash a melon like a toy

Koreans cheers and jump for joy

Gold in Beijing!


Hendra Markis on a roll

Beat the home team on their soil

Setiawan and kiDo

Gold in Beijing!


LeeChongWei Wei-la-wei-la-Wei

Getting silver not his way

Can only hope for a better day

Don’t be Sorry!


Cross-court smash

Backhand clear

Return service

With no fear


Front court net

Mid court dump

At the back court you should jump


The reverse slice

So beautiful

Like an angel in disguise


Behind the back

Between the legs

That’s how you make the crowd go





How will Gill Clark comment?


How on ear-er-erth

That’s the one-nn-nne

Would you believe it!?


You can hit the birdie hard

I can hit the birdie smart

Who can hit to fifty yard?

What makes a birdie?


Left wing feathers from the geese

A birdie needed sixteen piece

I wonder how they collect these

How is your birdie?


Tipping it is still too fast

This birdie isn’t gonna last

The glue’s too weak and it collapsed

What does the bird say?


I’m actually o—k

Just steam me before play?

What kinda bird’s this?


The secret of the bird

Asian mystery

Why are you called a shuttlecock?

Where are you made in?

What is your grade?

Will we ever know?

The quality’s a mystery

What is your speed!????


You’re my Birdie Angel

Hiding inside the tube

What is your brand?

(I’m a baddy rocker, I’m a baddy rocker, I’m a baddy rocker)


What birdie are you saying?

(I’m a baddy rocker)


I want a

(Baddy rocker)


I want a

A-S 50!

(Playing the shuttlecockka)


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    How can I register my son for the Dec6 tournament? Thanks.

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