Crown of Legacy Team Championships 2013 Recap

The Crown of Legacy Team Championship was held at VRC over July 26th to 28th. It cumulated a season of hard work and training for many teams as they fight for each and every spot in the draw. Here is a recap of the action over one exciting weekend.

Before a match was play, we knew there would be a new championship team as team Beyond, three times winner would not participate with the absence of their star, Nathan Choi. Luckily, many of their members found a home in another team. Cynthia To would transfer to Team Wearbest and Mike Nguyen and Crystal Chow would transfer to Team Topline. The spread in talent created quite a competitive field. There were favourites, but it was definitely anyone’s game.

Friday and Saturday was round robin play, the top 2 ranked teams in each of the four pools advanced with the exception of DBZ. VR Shock 2 took advantage of a miscue in their lineup and took the match 3-2 to advance to the top 8 draw. The highlight of round robin was perhaps the Friday night match between Billy Yu and Joanna Che in the singles event. Joanna gutted it out in a tight three setter that saw well over 50 people watching at 10:30pm.

Following Saturday matches, the banquet, held also at VRC, saw the teams get together for some food, drinks, games and prizes. We saw Donna Tran from the US won a Canadian Yonex shirt and in perhaps the most watched game of rock paper scissors, saw Immy Tay beat Aaron To for the grand prize of a Yonex badminton bag.

Sunday had a supercharged atmosphere as teams focus on attaining the highest spot possible in the draw. Beyond the play, the strategy were important as teams sought a balance between playing their players and saving them for future matches. Teams try to do the switcheroo by placing the stronger mix teams as Mix B. The gamesmanship was on!

In the semi-finals, we had Baddiholics vs. Battitude and Topline vs. Wearbest. Both matches went down to 3-2 as Battitude and Topline advanced to the finals. We saw absolutely brilliant play from Jeremy Qian of Team Wearbest as he almost single-handedly carry his team to victory. However, perennial champ Mike Nguyen was not going to have any of that regardless of what team he played for and won two matches for Topline. What a stroke of luck that Mr. Topline – Linus Choo, was unavailable for the tournament to allow this fortuitous replacement. Team Topline would go on to win the finals.

In other exciting final matches, we saw Spaced Shuttle earn their 5th place by beating VR Shock 2. This was made possible after an incredible team match against MBA which saw Richard Jordan and Immy Tay beat Samuel Wadsworth and Daisy Lee in the deciding match.

In the lower bracket, we saw much spirited play with the 6 teams as each team continue to battle for the highest spot possible. Following the momentum of VR Shock 2, VR Shock 1 beat DBZ in an overtime thriller to claim 9th place in the championship. 1-Up topped Evolution for 11th place in a match that pitted much of the UBC badminton players against each other. Finally, 13th place went to Sm:)ees in a match of the two youngest teams.

We thank you everyone for participating and hope everyone have fun! Keep in mind next season that all players that play two tournaments will be eligible to play in the team tournament. No teams will actually have to be form prior to the team tournament.  Season 5 will start September 6th at Clearone. Make sure you mark your calendars!

See you soon.

– Badmintology Vancouver


Here is a list of the final results:

1. Topline
2. Battitude
3. Baddiholics
4. Wearbest
5. Spaced Shuttles
6. V.R.Shock 2
7. Masters of Badminton Addiction
8. Full of Hits
9. V.R.Shock 1
10. DBZ
11. 1-Up
12. Evolution
13. Sm:)ees
14. The Bird Hunters

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