BVRC 2 Recap

Somehow we accommodated 236 players over a three day period on 6 courts to have one of the best tournaments Badmintology Vancouver ever had on March 8th to 10th, 2013 at the Vancouver Racquets Club.

First off, we apologize for the longer than usual wait times for most of the draws. Quite frankly, we were overwhelmed and inexperienced to running draws beyond the standard 32. However, we have since reviewed our procedures and process and will look to improve for the next tournament. We have heard your opinions at the tournaments, and we do listen!

Next, if you were amazed by the wonderful facility of the Vancouver Racquets Club, why not consider joining? Of the 5 Blue shell events, 4 of which included winners and runner ups from VRC. There is no better way to improve then to play against the best. Tell them Badmintology sent ya when you join.

Now back to the tournament…

The blue shell men singles had a masterful showing as Masters national hopeful Leslie Lau took on David Tsai, the winner of the previous BV tournament, in both their home court. Leslie showed David, and the rest of the draw, that age is nothing but a number as he won the tournament without dropping a set.

For the Blue shell ladies, no surprises as YoYo Chen once again took all the younger players to school with straight set victories all around and against Kylie Cheng in the single finals.


The Blue Shell Mens Doubles saw the largest entry of the tournament at 35 teams and it was competitive.  Regardless of main draw or consolation, intense matches were happening everywhere with many great performances for the audience to enjoy. Last year’s winner Nathan Choi and Hugh Leung of Beyond returned and was almost knocked out by Jensen Ly and Jason Wong of DBZ in the semi-finals as they squeaked out a 19-21, 21-18, 25-23 victory.  With momentum in hand, they would cruise through the finals in straight sets and take home their second consecutive victory at BVRC.

Not to be outdone, the Blue Shell Women Doubles was equally competitive as teams try to knock off Bowie Tam and Elisha Liu off their perennial win streak.  In a testament to the strength of the women doubles, former Indonesian National player Jo Novita bowed out in the second round with her partner.  In the end, Bowie and Elisha were far too strong as they won the tournament in straight sets over everyone, including YoYo Chen and Cynthia To in the finals.


The Blue Shell Mixed Doubles was the hardest to predict. With over 8 potential winners, the draw was a gambler’s nightmare as there were no sure things. We were graced with the presence of Canadian National player Adrian Liu as he put his skills on full display and wowed the crowd. However, it was short lived as Ken Fung and Jenna Wong of DBZ won in the second round in two sets. Unfortunately, they would lose just as easily to Bowie Tam and Shurman Chan in the very next round.  On the other side of the draw, no match had more cheers and claps than the match between Rosalynn Chong/ Chris Chung vs. Ashley Jang/Matt Downton. With wonderful play and partisan crowds, this is what tournaments are all about. Rosalynn and Chris  would eventually prevail to loud cheers in the gym and at the bar. Unfortunately, they would lose the next round to Elisha and Matthew Lim setting up the finals. Its a Bowie world out as her and Shurman would prevail in two to earn Bowie her double crown.

More highlights from the tournament:

·         It was great to see Austin Doong of Evolution winning the Red Shell Mens Singles. Austin has been a long time Badmintology participant and started off with Green Shell and worked his way up. Great work Austin, we look forward to seeing you in Blue Shell!

·         Rally Breakers continue their Red Shell Dominance with a win in Mixed doubles by Henry Liang and Jamie Shum. As most of the team move to Blue, we look forward to a new wave of red players to fill the void.


·         The green shell categories got a big boost with team BWB (Blow water badminton) well represented in every event. Sporting their designer purple shirts, they would reach many semi-finals and finals with Lana Yee leading the way with wins in Women Doubles and runner up in mix doubles.

Once again, we want to thank everyone who participated, we were amazed by the level of competition in each category and the continued improvements of all our players.  Sorry once again for the wait. We hope to see you for our final tournament of the season coming up soon!


Badmintology Vancouver

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