Freakin’ Sweet Open Recap

The first tournament of the fourth season saw also the first time we all got to experience the new facilities at Badminton Vancouver. Building up on a brilliant end to the third season, the competition stepped up once again to claim the top spots in each shell division.

With the addition to 7 members per team for the team tournament (4 guys, 3 girls for a best of 7 match – 2MD 2WD 3 MxD), Beyond looks to secure a four-peat this year by adding former BL United team member Terrence Ma. That is looking to be a good pay off as he steam rolled his opponents on the way to an easy victory in the Blue Shell Men Singles amidst strong competition.

This was followed with another Beyond win in the Blue Shell Mens Doubles by Hugh Leung and Nathan Choi over Mickey Chow and Alex Luk. It was almost not to be as new team  – 978 members Eric Hsu and Tony Chen took the eventual champions to a thrilling three sets in the 2nd round.

Joanna Che of Top once again showed she has no equal in the Blue Shell Women Singles as she won the group. Joanna also teamed up with Jasmine Li of Advil to win the Blue Shell Women Doubles. Looks like there is a changing of the guards this season as the young guns are moving up!

The Blue Shell Mix Doubles was interesting as everyone wonder how Bobby Milroy, the 2012 National Championship  singles runner-up would fare against the field. Their run ended when Bowie Tam and Shurman Chan beat them in three sets in the semi-finals. The eventual winner would be Rosalynn Chong and Chris Chung of Baddiholics. Bobby and his partner Allison Rice settled for third place with a three set victory over Stevie Fung and Teresa Tsui.

Congratulations to Pei Xiao for moving to Blue Shell as he won the Red Shell Mens Singles. After every game, Pei can be heard saying how bad he play. We can’t wait to see you play well in Blue Shell next time!

Rally Breakers continue to rule the Red Shells as Henry Liang and Michael Abenes took the Red Shell Mens Doubles. Karina Shum and Michelle Hang would win the Womens Doubles in a thrilling three setter.  Also, Karina, Michelle and Jodie Shum would round out 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in the Women Singles losing to Chelsey Yang of 978.

The other 978 teammates – Steve Sun and Isabelle Tang would take the Red Shell Mix Doubles title over Denise Tang (Falanja) and Curtis Lew (BL United).

It took one year, but Nathan Wong of VR Shock would finally get his Green Shell Men Singles victory. It was in the finals of the first tournament in Season 3 that Nathan injured his Achilles and had to retire. Overcoming his injury, he beat Stanley Lee to earn the promotion to Red Shell.

VR Shock would also see the podium as Jason Chow and Lucinda Wu won the Green Shell Mix Doubles

For full results, check out our tournamentsoftware event page!

The next tournament will be Oct 26-28 at Cambie Secondary. Remember to form your team and make sure your teammates sign up under the team name! We cannot assist you if you do not.

Furthermore, remember you need 4 guys and 3 girls now instead of 3 and 2. This is because we will play 7 team matches (1MS 2MD 1 WD 3 MxD). Therefore, gather your friends and start building!

See you soon!

– Badmintology Vancouver