Baddi Royale III Open Recap

BaddiRoyale III was a complete success!

Hope everyone washed their awesome space-saving foldable blue BV water bottles before they use it! They are great to bring everywhere and even has a clip so you won’t lose it. If anyone is interested in getting one, shoot us an email.

Back to the tournament…

Thank you everyone for playing and most of all, being on time! As quote on Facebook

its stupid. … exit 44 moves somewhere diff everytime i go to poco.. .. sigh. …

Yes! I almost got off the wrong exit myself. You being on time allows us to run an efficient tournament, so thank you! Being a ladder ABCD tournaments, it offers lots of games for the participants, but it also meant a lot more waiting. Thank you everyone for their patience! It was great to see people socializing and having a good time. Apologies to the draws with less than 16 teams as it means we only had ACD draws instead of a full ladder.

As for the results, here are some highlights…. Brackets indicate team afflictions.

To start off, Alex Lin came out of nowhere and shock the seeds to win his first Blue Shell Mens Singles in straight sets over Nathan Choi (Beyond). Look for this kid to star at tournaments in years to come! Big shout-out to our very own Wilson Wong (BDHL) for winning consolation C singles!

Unfortunately, Alex could not carry the momentum into doubles as he and Matthew Lim(Top) lost to the BV#1 seeded team of Mickey Chow(FoH) and Mike Nguyen(Beyond) and eventually winning the consolation B finals over Vincent Teo(BDHL) and Kevin Yu(Top). Mike and Mickey would soon lose to another former champions in Ken Fung(Avengers) and Jensen Ly(Avengers) in three thrilling sets. At the end though, it was all for not as Willis Kwee and Andy Wong confidently made their way to the finals in the other side of the draw and beat Ken and Jensen to claim the Blue Shell Mens Doubles title.

BV got its first ever 30-29 game in the semi finals of the Blue Shell Women Doubles when Amy Hsu(FoH) and Shaolin Guo(MBA) beat Rosalynn Chong (BDHL) and Carmen Li in two sets. Baddiholics did avenge Ros’ loss when Veronica Yeung (BDHL) and Helen Yuen (MBA) won the title in three sets.

Rosalynn would not be sad for long as the next day, she and Mickey Chow teamed up to beat Andy Wong and Veronica Yeung in three sets in a very even 30 team draw. This marks the third mix title for Rosalynn this season. Can anyone bring her down!?

The red shells were just as interesting highlighted by a very competitive mix doubles field. Howard Hu(Advil), winner of multiple Red Shell events, and Jade Chan(BLU) was defeated by Tony Chen and Cheryl Ng as they took the red shell mix title.

The mix win also meant the end to Henry Liang’s(RallyBreakers) chance of a triple crown as he took Red Shell Mens Singles and Mens Doubles title with William Go(RallyBreakers).

Fion Chen showed us that age is but a number as she took the youngster to school on her way to a Red Shell Womens Singles title.

Finally, Jamie and Karina Shum(Rally Breakers) are in the Red Shell Womens Doubles final once again, only to lose to Angie Hui and Brianna Tang in a tightly contested three set match.

All in all, we hope everyone had fun, earn some points and experience and get ready for the team tournament! Thank you to C1 Poco for allowing us to host at the venue, thank you to our volunteers, and thank you to you, our participants!

Please watch for our team tournament to come out soon. Eligible teams will be contacted. If you never been to one, it is one big, intense party!

For full results and scores, please visit the tournament software site.

-Badmintology Vancouver

P.S. Straight from Wilson’s brain – “I played so hard that my right arm is a little burnt because of all the dives on Sunday and even wrecked my glasses so I had to switch to contacts in the middle of the game.”

Thats right folks, we organize hard and play even harder, hope everyone shares our passion!

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