Flick Serve Open Results

Full Results of Flick Serve Open is updated on tournamentsofware.

NOTE: if anyone found 2 racquets that don’t belong to them (1 Yonex 1 Wilson), please contact us immediately. Thanks!

Congratulations to all the winners:
Blue Shell:

Category Winner Runner-up Consolation Winner
BS Open MS David Yuan Vincent Teo Michael Lim
BS Open WS Joanne Che Emma Lin Donna Tran
BS Open MD Mickey ChowMike Nguyen Wesley FungJensen Ly Linus ChooAndy Wong
BS Open WD Joanne CheEmma Lin Shaolin GuoDaisy Lee Rosalynn ChongWanyee Li
BS Open MX Rosalynn ChongRobbie Ferguson Jenna WongJensen Ly Stephanie OeyVictor Yang

Red Shell:

Category Winner Runner-up Consolation Winner
RS Open MS Peter Huang Trevor Yu John Mai
RS Open WS Cherie Ho Melinda Ng Alisa Young
RS Open MD Jeffrey Chen
Peter Huang
Boris LinJacky Wong Laurence KaoIan Loo
RS Open WD Waina HoChanel Shum Jamie ShumKarina Shum Lisa ChenKristal Li
RS Open MX Waina HoHoward Hu Cathy LawTerence Leung Lisa DoanEthan Bui

Green Shell:

Category Winner Runner-up Consolation Winner
GS Open MS Raymond Lau Nathan Wong Dale Kim
GS Open WS Arilda Lau Tiffany Chan Diana Wong
GS Open MD Jeremy ChanAnthony Lee Chilwin LesmanaAlex Lin Trevor ChanRaymond Lau
GS Open WD Cheryl NgBrianna Tang Shely LinWenny Lin Yvonne LaiPerline Li
GS Open MX Min-Chee LoDustin Kowalewski Brianna TangGalen Lai Tiffany ChanAlvin Ho

Mini Shell:

Category Winner Runner-up Consolation Winner
U19 MS Jeffrey Chen Paul Liu Harryson Hu
U19 MD Brian ChanKenn Ho Andrew LiJason Ong Cyrus LauPaul Liu
U19 WD Tiffany ChanCherie Ho Jamie ShumKarina Shum Cindy NguyenJodie Shum
U19 MX Cheryl NgMichael Fok Brianna TangJeremy Chan Stacy LeeAaron Luu

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