Roller Coaster Open Recap & Results

Badmintology Vancouver 9 – Roller Coaster Open 2011

A few administrative announcements before we go into the recap:
– Big thank you to David Dryden and the Fraser Heights team for assisting us in running such a smooth and successful tournament. It seems every tournament we meet more and more amazing volunteers. We cannot thank you all enough! Special shout-outs go to Julia, Jason, and G for being awesome.

-Thank you to Jamie Chiu of team FOH for designing our bag and medals logo and Theresa Mak for designing the winner shirt. If you have an idea for the next BV tournament shirt, contact us and we can see if we can make it happen!

On to the tournament…

History was made this weekend as Oman Yip became the first player in any category to Triple Crown in the same tournament winning Red Shell Open Men Singles, Doubles, and Mix Doubles. After surviving two three-setters in the Doubles on Sunday, Oman secured the Triple Crown as he and Marco beat Abel Chua and Calvin Tu 22-20, 21-16. In case you are wondering, Oman is now promoted to Blue Shell.

With 217 players, there were lots of hi-lights to pick from; here are a few we saw:

– After winning the last two BV tournaments, Mike Nguyen and Henry Quan decided to split up and play with separate partners. The result? Both lost in the quarter-finals as competition was fast and furious. In the end, perennial finalists Ken Fung and Jensen Ly finally won their first Men Doubles title without dropping a set or any team getting 15 points. On a side-note, keep an eye out for the young combo of Jason Wong and Jacky Chan as the two made an impressive run into the quarter-finals bringing a combination of fast and furious badminton.

– The player with the all time highest winning percentage (we think) was at it again as Bowie Tam came and conquered, taking both the Blue Shell Open Mix Doubles and Women Doubles, going to three sets only once altogether in both events to Rong Rong Chen and Amy Hsu in Women Doubles.

– Green Shell Open Men Singles saw three Americans came up to provide a challenge. The draw consists almost entirely of new challengers, making the matches unpredictable and exciting. In the end, Jack Shih came out on top and Dale Kim once again took home the consolation medal.

– Green Shell Open Mix Doubles saw SFU badminton club representing as Tiffany Yip and Howard Hu took home the trophies over team :)’s Tiffany Tsai and Curtis Hu.
– Two more new teams formed by young bloods have joined in the battle to our team championships! As the end of the season draws closer, please be reminded that all teams will need a minimum of 3 guys and 2 girls to have played in at least 2 BV tournaments each to qualify for our year-end team tourney.

Share with us your tournament experience!
All tournament results can be found here at .

Next tournament:

Season 2 Finale – Baddi Royale 2 @ Cambie Secondary – April 1st – 3rd

Join us for the final tournament of the season! We are ending it in style with a ladder format (ABCD) for the bigger draws. That means a guarantee of three games and medals or trophies for the winners in each flight. For the smaller draws, there are rumors of a double knock-out format (the tournament that never ends!). Rumor is also that there are awesome draw prizes (like a digital camera) and maybe some awesome food. The next BV tournament item is a custom BV towel! Details to follow.

In the meantime, THANK YOU for participating this weekend. We hope you had a great time because we sure did! The roller coaster has reached its destination.


Words from the organizers:

“While talking to a participant at the tourney today, he told me that he really enjoys our tournaments and hopes that we will keep running them. Thank you for the comment, people like you are the motivation for us to keep running and improving BV. Also, seeing Red Shell players “graduate” to Blue Shell and from Green Shell to Red Shell, and watching all the junior players doing better every time at higher categories made me feel like a principal watching students in her school grow up. Haha…it is amazing to see how much people improve in 2 years.

Congratulations to all winners and participants at RC Open this weekend, and a huge thanks to FH crew and all our volunteers, once again you guys were awesome!

Can’t wait to see you all at Baddi Royale open (Apr1-3)!”


“Thank you everyone for coming and participating in BV’s Roller Coaster open! It was a lot of fun and was quite relaxing hosting with the help of FH team, Julia, Jason, and G. Good team work from start till now working with Wilson Wong, Rosalynn Chong and Stevie Fung. Thank you!!! =D

Seeing everyone having fun and improving, advancing to different levels has made us motivated to keep BV going. Thank you for the support and we hope to host more and more unforgettable tournaments & events!

Hope to see you all for our upcoming tournament hosted at H.J. Cambie Secondary April 1-3 for Baddi Royale 2. Keep updated by visiting Badmintology Vancouver facebook page or our website”



Congratulations to all the winners:

Blue Shell:

Category Winner Runner-up Consolation Winner
BS Open MS Willis Kwee Chris Chung Billy Yu
BS Open WS Veronica Yeung Shaolin Guo Chanel Shum
BS Open MD Ken FungJensen Ly Willis KweeSimon Wu Mike ShenShaolin Tsui
BS Open WD Bowie TamElisha Liu Rosalynn ChongMalisa Leung Karen TseBonnie Mak
BS Open MX Bowie TamKevin Yu Daisy LeePedro Lau Veronica YeungWilson Wong

Red Shell:

Category Winner Runner-up Consolation Winner
RS U19 MS Harryson Hu CJ Phan Joseph Chan
RS U19 WS Chelsey Yang Michelle Hang Jenna Wong
RS U19 MD Ethan BuiDustin Kowalewski Kenny TangHason Wong Jeff ChiangCollin Yan
RS U19 WD Cindy NguyenJodie Shum Fina LeeTiffany Tsai
RS U19 MX Stef ChenAbel Chua Lisa DoanEthan Bui Nancy HoDustin Kowalewski
RS Open MS Oman Yip David Dryden Bernard Cheung
RS Open MD Marco NgOman Yip Abel ChuaCalvin Tu Jeff BanhJacky Wong
RS Open WD Brenda NgMichelle Sz Rebecca DaiChanel Shum Sylvia CheungPolly Li
RS Open MX Cathy LawOman Yip Chelsey YangSteve Sun Michelle HangTerence Leung

Green Shell:

Category Winner Runner-up Consolation Winner
GS Open MS Jack Shih Binny Foo Dale Kim
GS Open WS Peggy Lei Wenny Lin Shely Lin
GS Open MD Edward ChoiElijah Tan James HuumoDerek Tutte Evan ChuengJackie Huang
GS Open WD Connie ChiuPeggy Lei Elisa MongJessica Mong Shely LinWenny Lin
GS Open MX Tiffany YipHoward Hu Tiffany TsaiCurtis Hu Fina LeeNghia Doan

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