Official Team Championships Rules 2013

Hello everyone!

As our year end Team Championships draws near, we have noticed there are a number of incomplete teams still. It is your own responsibility to make sure that everyone on your team plays at least 2 tournaments, the upcoming Baddi Royale IV is your last chance!

Here’s the updated rules for the Team Championships 2013:

Official Tournament Rules

    • During Round Robin, all teams must play all 5 games for every tie. In the playoffs, once the outcome is decided, it is at the discretion of the winning team to play the final match.
    • In the case of a tie during Round Robin, the results will be decided based on the order below until a result can be decided:
      1. Head to head match result (for 2-way ties)
      2. Matches won from the matches between teams in question (if more than two teams finish equal)
      3. Sets won from the matches between teams in question (if more than two teams finish equal)
      4. Total matches won in all ties
      5. Total sets won in each game
      6. Total point difference between teams in question
      7. Total point difference in all matches
    • Each registered player on the team may play a maximum of 2 matches per tie, but the same player may not play in the same event in each tie. i.e. A player cannot play in both Mixed Doubles A and Mixed Doubles B.
    • Each registered player on the team must play at least two matches on each day of the team championships.
    • In the event that a team member have not played two matches on the match day, there will be an automatic forfeit in the final game of the day equal to the amount of matches remaining that they are required to play.
    • Mix Doubles A must be the stronger team, this will be determined via rankings and common sense.
    • The governing body will reserve the right to change or add any rules with proper notification.


Substitution Rules
1. Out of town Rule
This rule allows any individual from another province/country who does not satisfy the eligibility criteria but have played at least one BV tournament to be allowed participation in our team championships.

2. Substitution Rule
Exception can be made for incomplete teams who wish to recruit players to complete their team or find backups. The sub must have participated in 2 or more BV tournaments or was a member of the said team in previous years, and cannot have higher ranking than the team’s highest ranked player. The substitution rules applies up to a maximum of 4 guys and 3 girls.

3. Injury Substitution Rule
Similar to #2 Substitution Rule, injuries can be substituted by players who have played 2 or more BV tournaments and cannot have higher ranking than your team’s highest ranked player. We can provide a list or help ask if required.